Looking for more information on how we work? We have collected some of our most frequently asked business questions here.

How long is an offer valid?

Offers are generally valid for ten days from the date of the offer. Fluid Translation reserves the right to charge for additional services requested by the client after an offer have been accepted.

Is there an additional charge for changes to the completed translation?

Small changes in language or expression that are requested by the client after the translation is completed are included in the original price, but any subsequent changes are charged at the normal rate.

What if there is an error in the source text?

Please note that Fluid Translation AB is not liable for errors in the source text. If you discover errors in our work, you must report them to us in writing within two weeks of delivery or you relinquish your right to claims. We will make the necessary corrections free of charge and within a period that equals the period stated for the original order.

Will the price increase if we cannot deliver the source documents on time?

Prices and other conditions of delivery are conditional on source documents being delivered to us when agreed and containing the volume of text agreed. If the material arrives after the time agreed, Fluid Translation reserves the right to charge for additional translators or other necessary resources to complete the job according to the schedule agreed in the offer, price or estimate. We will attempt to solve the situation but reserve the right to charge overtime at standard rates (time and a half) for any overtime above 8 hours per day and translator, as required to complete the project in the time frame specified.

Is it possible to submit files for translation on weekends or national holidays?

A project for which all or the majority of the workload falls on a weekend is subject to a standard charge of double time. If translation work cannot start on schedule due to the late arrival of materials or references, Fluid Translation may not be able to deliver according to the previously agreed schedule and reserves the right to adjust the delivery time and date. We make every effort to meet deadlines and expectations and will keep you fully informed of the status and any possible remedies for the situation.

When do I need to pay?

Payment terms are net 30 days unless otherwise agreed. Overdue payments will be charged an annual interest rate of 24% on the overdue amount until payment is made.

What happens if I change my mind and no longer want my material to be translated?

Orders that are cancelled after work has begun will be billed for work completed.