A passion for communication that breaks down language barriers

Fluid Translation is a language consultancy. We help local and multinational companies alike to communicate with their target audiences in a foreign language. We have deep expertise in finance, technology and law – and with our extensive, quality-assured network of freelancers we can cover virtually any field. You’ll experience our passion for languages and communication first hand through our translations and our unwavering dedication.

A unique network of translators

Over the years, we have built up a quality-assured network of highly skilled translators and other language professionals. Specialists in their fields, they bring expertise from the worlds of finance, technology and law. The vast majority of them live in Europe. With a combination of experience and ear for language, they deliver quality results time after time.


Language and communication specialists

We translate texts between Swedish, English, German and the Nordic languages in-house. We can also coordinate translations for more than 200 languages. We focus primarily on communication that is critical to your company’s value, such as annual reports, financial statements, marketing material, policy documents, procurements and technical descriptions.



Where small means exceptional

With us, you’ll never be just a number in a spreadsheet. We’re small, agile and responsive to your different needs. We use the latest digital technology in our work and our processes follow the latest ISO standards, so you can rest assured that we’ll complete your assignments within the agreed timeframe and budget. We know that punctuality is crucial, and we aim to never miss a deadline.


A personal touch

We’re thrilled and proud that many of our clients keep coming back to us year after year! For us, these long-term relationships serve as proof that our collaborative approach really works and that our output is of a consistently high quality. Many of our language consultants and translators have worked with us for ages, creating the best foundation for high quality and satisfied customers.