A chain without weak links

From the way we get a job up and running to final delivery, there’s plenty going on behind the scenes. In a carefully vetted process, we ensure that your texts are accurate, precise and professional from every conceivable perspective. We adhere to the most recent ISO standards for the translation industry.

Initial analysis

When your request first comes in, we engage in a dialogue with you. Based on your needs and expectations, we hand-pick the ultimate team to get the job done. We work with a team of 60 language consultants, where everyone has their own specific experience and skill set. For each assignment, we put together a dedicated team for the client. 


Some assignments require many translators, others only one. As our client, you can have direct contact with a translator if necessary. In our extensive network of experienced translators, many people have worked with us for many years. As a repeat customer, you will get the same person/translator for your jobs as far as possible.



Review is an integral part of every project. Review is done by a language consultant with specialist expertise in your particular field. When needed, we copyedit your text to ensure that the finished product is linguistically correct and reads like it was written by a native speaker of the target language. For copywriting or creative translation assignments, this can involve heavier editing followed by thorough proofreading to ensure that the final text conveys the same meaning as the original. This way, you can reuse your content over and over again.

Our proofreaders are bilingual and ensure that the texts are linguistically correct and that the content corresponds to your instructions.


Proofreading is one of the most important steps in the project. Our project managers are responsible for quality assurance and improve your texts by gathering your feedback and implementing changes. Since all of our project managers are translators with solid specialist experience in the business world, they can answer questions about everything from grammar to content and copy. They are in charge of the proofreading process and include other translators or specialists if necessary.

Proofreading of typeset text is done in three steps:

1.   We check that the text is complete and that page breaks and other design elements are correct.

2.   We translate and edit any additions or modifications.

3. Your text undergoes a final round of proofreading against the original document to ensure that the feeling and spirit of the text have been conveyed.


Delivery is directly from us to you, within the agreed time frame and in the requested format. We offer high-encryption solutions for sensitive documents and can accomodate even more complex technical requirements. Authorized documents are always delivered in hard copy.